Nudist family antics (Nicky’s secret Part 2)


” Oh fuck ladies. ” He said looking down at his wife and daughter licking their lips and each others lips. Nicky couldn’t believe she was playing with her parents.

Nicky sat back in the chair crossing her legs. Nicky sitting on the edge. Her fathers wilting cock in her hand. She stood up kissing her father. His hand slid to her hip and his other onto her bust.

” Time to let mummy watch you make love to your father. ” Pamela said pushing her bend leg out that was crossed on her knee rubbing the back of Nicky’s calf muscle.

Nicky undid his shirt sliding it down her fathers back.her hands palm down on his hairy chest. They kissed her fathers hands running over his daughters clothing.

Nicky at the start felt self conscious with her mother watching her with her father. After a while she relaxed and felt quite horny. She had her fathers taste in her mouth. Even the sips of scotch only seemed to dilute the taste.

Her father lifted her hand off his chest undoing her watch taking it off putting it on the table. He pulled off her bangles putting them on the watch. He slid her rings off except her wedding rings. He liked those on. Even though her husband knew she was fucking him. He slowly pulled the zip on her dress down to her hip opening the back. He didn’t know what underwear she was wearing. Even though his wife had chosen it, and send to her desperately than her dress.

He pulled it forward. Nicky helping pull the halterneck dress down her body to her feet stepping out if it.

She stood in her bra, stockings heels and panties. Her father admiring her body. He has seen her naked a lot. He knew every inch of her body. But every time he seemed to enjoy the joy of slowly revealing her body. His hand groped her breasts over her red bra. It had red straps and black lace cups over a black lining pushing her breasts up. He leant in kissing her cleavage as his fingers ran over the cups of the bra. Her hand on his head. She felt legs been opened. He mothers hand sliding between her thighs rubbing them. Her fingers rubbing against the stockings and panties pushing up into her pussy.

Nicky groaned feeling her mother rub her pussy over her underwear.

” Ohhh fuck. ” She moaned her mothers fingers working her pussy. She felt her pussy getting wetter as her mother pushed harder.

Her fathers hand reaches behind her unclipping her bra. He pulled it forward sliding it down her arms, her breasts coming free. He circled her erect nipple like he has been doing since she was 17 listening to his daughter moan.

Pamela stood up. ” Lets get her to bed. ”

They lead her to the bedroom. Pamela sat down. Errol sat on the bed pulling his daughter closer running his hands over her arse and thighs. He reached down taking off her heels. He slid her stockings down her legs taking them off her feet. He sat up kissing her belly button. Then kissing down to her panty line. Her red g string with black lace over them like the matching bra. He turned her around.

” Bend over and touch your toes. ” Pamela said getting up sitting with her husband. Nicky bent over reaching down touching her toes her parents behind her. Pamela opened Nicky’s legs a bit more seeing the bulge of her labias in the underwear.

Errol leant in licking over her wet underwear feeling her wet labias through the thin fabric.

” Ohhhh yes. ” Nicky moaned feeling her fathers tongue on her. He grabbed her arse cheeks spreading them more, he licked inside them over her underwear.

Pamela slid her fingernail over her daughters knickers. Slowly running it up and down her pussy. Nicky moaned and groaned.

” Lovely. ” Pamela said smiling. She pulled her daughters underwear down smiling at her husband. Pamela and Errol kissed french kissing. Slowly they came down her arse revealing more of her pussy she slid them down her legs to her feet. ” Stand baby. ” Pamela said smiling.

Nicky stood. Errol turning her around now standing naked in front of her parents. Errol sat her down and lay her on the bed. He lay at her side. Her mother sitting on the other side of her as Errol kissed over her body sliding his fingers to her pussy. She opened her legs allowing her father access to her pussy. He leant in kissing her clit, circling it with his tongue.

Pamela sat caressing Nicky’s breasts. Errol knelt between her legs leaning in licking her pussy. Nickys legs wide open her father licking and sucking her labias. Pamela leant in kissing Nicky’s breasts squeezing them kissing around her areola then licking her nipple. Errol’s fingers sliding deep into his daughters pussy. Nicky moaning as her father finger fucked her and licked her clit and rubbing her stomach.

Errol straddled his daughter bringing his cock to her clit. He rubbed over her clit with his knob. Then he pushed his cock deep into his daughters pussy. He slowly thrusted her kissing her lips. Pamela stood up walking into the lounge pouring herself a drink as her husband and daughter had sex in the room. She walked back in unzipping her dress. She pushed it to the floor. Nicky watching her mother undress. She unclipped her bra taking it off then pushed down her underwear stepping out of them.

She sat in the seat legs wide open playing with her clit as Errol fucked Nicky.

” Fuck her darling. ” Pamela said smiling. Pamela say fondling her breasts as she pleasured herself watching her husband.

Errol thrusting her harder. Nicky wrapping her legs around her fathers hips. Errol raised up on his hands thrusting her with his hips pushing his cock deep inside his daughters wet pussy.

Nicky’s hands on her fathers chest pushing against it as he rested his body on them. Nicky’s head back eyes closed as her father plunged her.

She felt her father withdraw from her. He knelt on the bed. Pamela stood up her fingers never far from her clit. Pamela knelt between Nicky’s legs as Errol got into a 69 with Nicky.

Nicky lifted her head to her fathers cock holding it. She started circling her tongue around his head. She loved tasting her sweet juices on cock. She loved sucking her husbands cock after it had been fucking her. She loved the mix of cum and pussy juices.

Pamela opened Nicky’s legs wide admiring her daughters pussy. With her fingers she rubbed her clit. Pushing them into her labias Errol leant down licking Nicky’s clit as he had done for years. He loved giving her oral sex. The times he has made her cum with his tongue. He knew her pussy so well. In fact both women in his life, sexual partners anyway. His other two daughters, Nicky’s sisters had no idea they that their sister Nicky was fucking their father.

Errol put his head up rubbing her clit as Pamela rubbed her daughters vagina. Pushing her fingers inside her daughter. Nicky gasped as her mother’s fingers pushed deep in her pussy.

” Ohhhh fuck yes. ” Nicky moaned feeling Pam’s fingers pull out and push back in. Errol licking Nicky’s wet clit.

” Love that baby. ” Pamela said smiling.

” Yes mum. ” Nicky said. She felt it a bit weird been naked with her parents. In a 69 with her father. Her father licking and playing with her clit. Her mother sitting at the end of the bed finger fucking her and playing with her labias.

But she thought I’ve been fucking dad since I was 17 for the last 29 years with mum’s blessing so she felt it was just normal now. Her dad comes to town for business. Nicky goes overseas with her father, Nicky goes and stays at her parents. Its just expected she has sex with him. Her husband knows. Having sex with your father all these years with your husband and mothers blessing. So nice she thought having her pussy played with by her parents.

She lay stroking and licking her fathers cock. She knew his cock so well, he knew her pussy so well. He knew her body so well.

Errol then lay down. Pamela sat between her husbands legs. His knees on the edge, his feet on the floor.

” Get on daddy. ” Pamela said. Nicky got up straddling her father. Pamela held Errol’s cock. Nicky lowered herself so Pamela cock rub her husbands cock on her daughters pussy. Nicky moaned as Pamela rubbed his knob over her clit, inside her open swollen labias to her vagina. She pushed her husbands big purple mushroom knob onto Nicky’s hole. ” Down you go darling, get your fathers cock in you. ”

Nicky felt it penetrate deep into her. She moaned as his knob pushed deep into her pussy. Pamela holding the base of his shaft and balls as she rode him. She watched her husbands cock slid in and out of her daughters pussy as Nicky rode him.

Errol fondling Nicky’s breasts. Sucking her nipples

Nicky rode him. His cock sliding in and out. She felt him deep in her his big cock fucking her as she rode him. Pamela fondling his balls watching her daughters pussy ride him.

Her pussy dripping lubricating her fathers thick shaft. Feeling her mothers fingers on his cock and her pussy as she rode him.

” Fuck him dear. ” Pamela said smiling.

” Fuck your little girl. Cum in that pussy. Show your wife how you cum in your daughter. ” Pamela said.

Errol started thrusting his hips up. Pushing his cock in as she slid down him. They got into a rhythm. Their bodies slapping against each other. They moaned and groaned. Errol clasping her tits tight as he fucked her. Their bodies one in passionate sex.

Nicky moaned loudly. Errol groaned as his body tensed.

” Cum baby. ” Pamela said. ” Fill her pussy for
your wife.

Nicky rode him faster. His breathing changed. He thrusted her hard.

Nicky thinking of the way she describes the sex she has with her father to her husband. It turns him on listening. She especially loved been on top of him as he thrusts with his hips into her holding her breasts as leverage. His fingers gripping them. Going home with marks on them, sometimes scratches from her fathers nails. Her husband loved kissing over the scratches left by her father.

The thrusted harder groaning louder as he cum. Shooting cum into his daughter. She orgasmed as well resting her hands in his shoulders. He gripped her breasts as their orgasms passed. Her fathers cock emptying in her.

” Oh fuck yes. ” Pamela said smiling. Watching her husbands cock in her daughter.

Nicky lay on her father. They kissed. Pamela pulled her husbands cock from Nickys pussy. Her fathers cum oozing from Nicky. Pamela rubbing her husbands cum over Nicky’s pussy.

Pamela pushing her fingers inside Nicky’s pussy her pushing her husbands cum up into her more cum oozing out. She twisted them inside Nicky. Pamela sat back opening her legs. She removed her fingers from her daughter, pushing them into her own pussy.

Pamela finger fucked herself. Nicky got off and lay down. Pamela leaning forward licking her daughters pussy as she played with her husbands cock and finger fucked herself.

She sucked her husbands cock and cleaned Errol’s cock licking and sucking it as she alternated between his cock and Nicky’s pussy, as Pamela pleasured herself sliding her fingers into Nicky’s wet moist cum filled pussy, then sliding them into her own pussy.

Errol and Nicky lay kissing. Errol fondling his daughters nipples and breasts leaning over sucking them.

Pamela then stood and lay on the bed next to Nicky. She kissed her cheek fondling her other breast.

” Enjoy that darling ? ” She said smiling at her.

” Oh yes, I quite liked my mother playing with us. ” She said grinning at her mother.

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