The Recession


England was going through the biggest recession the country had ever known, shops, factory’s and offices were closing down leaving many people unemployed, the small rural town was the hardest hit area in the country, none of the residents had been able to work for nearly a year food was scarce and money was even more scarce so when a multi billionaire arrived in the town and brought the big mansion residents started to hope that there would be some form of work available. Sixteen year Sara was one of the first residents to turn up at the mansion looking for work, as she entered the mansion Sara realised that she knew the boy who was the son of the owner, he was two years younger than Sara and a well known pervert, after an interview Sara was offered a job working on the top floor of the mansion the only draw back was that she would have to work naked and do what ever was required of her and would start straight away, Sara thought hard about the job and as it was a five hundred pound a day for a eight hour shift including a meal decided it was better than going with out food for days and accepted the job, the owners son Mark entered the room and told Sara to follow him, Sara followed Mark to the top floor where Mark told her to strip, Sara reluctantly started to undress and after a couple of minutes was standing naked with Mark smiling broadly as he looked at the naked bully girl admiring her ample boobs and smooth hairless love tube, Mark said ” you have lovely tits” and told Sara to follow him and took her to a room where he gave her food and drink, unbeknown to Sara the drink had been laced with a drug to make her horny, Sara sat eating while Mark left the room, after half a hour Mark returned with Steve who lived near Sara and like Sara he was naked, Sara thought nice as she looked at Steve’s seven inch dick, after a couple of hours Sara and Steve were joined by other residents from the town who were also naked, Sara looked at Simon who lived next door to her and was four years younger than her and wonder how he got a job she saw that Simon had an erection of about four inches, she smiled at the sight of Steve’s nine inch erection, Mark appeared and called Sara, Steve and Simon into a room as they entered the three saw a bed and lights with a camera pointing towards the bed, Steve said ” are we here to make a porn film” Mark nodded Steve looked at Sara and said ” cool I am up for this” Sara looked at Steve and said ” yeah I can see your up for it” Mark told Sara to kneel on the bed, Sara did as Mark said and saw Steve get on the bed behind her and when she felt Steve’s dick slide into her love tube she cried out with pleasure she then saw Simon standing in front of her and heard Mark say ” suck him” Sara looked in shock at Simon and said ” he is only a kid” Mark said ” suck or you don’t get paid” Sara lent forward and started to suck on Simon’s dick and felt him start to rub her boobs, Sara felt Simon’s dick twitch and realised he had dry cum in her mouth, Steve carried on thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube hearing her groan as he did, after twenty minutes Sara had cum twice and suddenly felt warm wet patches  on her back and realised Steve had shot his cum up her back but then realised Steve was still thrusting in her love tube and saw her best mates dorky brother Tony stroking his dick she then felt Steve with draw his dick from her love tube, Mark told her to lay on her back which she did and when Mark told Tony to fuck her  she looked in horror at the dorky boy she hated and saw his still erect eight inch dick posed ready to enter her love tube and flinched as it slid into her love tube and he started to massage her boobs but after a few minutes was enjoying being pounded by Tony and after half hour had cum three times, Sara saw other boys from the town all stood round the bed with their erect dicks on view to her, she also saw her best Tina being pounded by Steve, after a hour Sara was laying exhausted on the bed having lost count of how many times she had cum. A few hours later Sara was standing under the shower feeling the warm water running over body and still feeling horny, Tina was in the shower opposite her the pair were discussing the events of the day with both agreeing that Steve had been good, after the shower Sara went back into the main room and saw Simon’s sister Amy who was two years older than what Simon was and a lesbian who Sara hated, Amy looked at Sara and said ” nice tits” Sara hit out at Amy but missed, Mark appeared and called Sara into the room and told her to lay on the bed which she did, Mark waked out of the room and after a few minutes returned with Amy and told her go pointing at Sara as he did, Sara realised what Mark was meaning and flinched when Amy started rubbing her boobs  then started squeezing her nipples before sliding her hand down to her love tube and start to rub it before sliding her fingers inside and start to finger her smiling as she did liking the power she had over the loudmouthed bitch and started to push her fingers in as deep as she could and after a few minutes smiled as she felt Sara cum but carried on ramming her fingers up Sara’s love tube and squeezing her nipples at the same time and soon felt Sara cum again.  Amy left the room smiling Sara lay on the bed and then saw Mark walk in naked with a seven inch erection which he was soon thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube and after Sara had cum three times he left the room. The following morning Sara was soaking in a bath of hot water back in her own house thinking of the money she had earned, the bathroom door opened and a naked Amy walked in and said ” come on bitch move over I want that cunt of yours, Sara moved as she did she draped a leg over each side of the bath and was soon groaning as Amy sat between her legs pushing her fingers into Sara’s waiting love tube, Simon walked in saying suck my cock and started to lick Sara’s very erect nipples. Amy looked at her brother and said ” I think she will make a very good sex slave” Simon agreed smiled and carried on licking a groaning Amy’s very erect nipples.

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