Wednesday, September 11, 2019


The air traffic controllers in Bangladesh had gone on strike causing all planes to be grounded or diverted to other airports, there were hundreds of thousands of passengers caught up in the dispute and stuck in airports not able to travel and after a couple of weeks many passengers were running out of money, some traders were taking an unfair advantage of the situation and were charging extra for food and other services one person who was taking advantage was a local hotel owner he was charging extra for the use of the hotel wash rooms, all showers were being timed and you were only allowed a certain amount of time to have a shower or bath, there was the option to use the large shower room which was a mixed sexes shower, single showers were  more expensive and supervised. Sixteen year old Cindy had not been had a shower for over a week and was desperate for one so paid the extra for a single shower, she realised that some dirty old man would be watching but as long as she had a shower she did not care, Cindy arrived at the shower block and paid her money after which she was shown to a cubicle, her fourteen year old brother Guy had gone to the open mixed showers, Cindy knew he would be watching the girls. Inside her cubicle Cindy saw a Bengali boy who she discovered was to supervise the cubicle to make sure it was only one person using it, Cindy also found out that the boy was the same age as Guy and she felt a bit uncomfortable but thought what the heck, and started to undress noticing the boy watching her, Cindy thought OK you little shit head you want to watch I will give you something to watch and unclipped her bra and took it off while facing the boy, Cindy saw his eyes go wide at the sight of her naked boobs and when she slid her panties down and off and stood naked she thought the boy was going to faint, Cindy stepped under the water and started to enjoy the warm water flowing over her naked body, when she started to soap herself she saw the boy staring hard at her, Cindy started to get aroused at being watched by the Bengali boy who noticed that Cindy’s nipples were now erect, after a few minutes Cindy had become completely aroused at being watched and started to rub her love tube the Bengali boy was watching in awe as Cindy stood rubbing her love tube and when she inserted a finger into her love tube he stood up, when Cindy lowered her head she saw the boy had undone his trousers and had his seven inch solid dick out, Cindy inserted another finger into her love tube watching as the boy stroked his dick, Cindy stood leaning back against the shower wall pushing her fingers in and out of her love tube while the boy watched and stroked his dick after five minutes Cindy saw the boy squirt his cum in five long spurts and not long after climaxed herself, Cindy stayed under the shower a little bit longer then got out dried dressed and left the showers, back in the airport Cindy saw her best friend Sally who was on holiday with them, Sally told Cindy that she had used the mixed showers and there were guys in there with hard cocks including her brother, Cindy said ” yeah a Bengali boy in the single showers had a hard on” both girls went to get a drink with Cindy thinking I will have to use the mixed sexes showers next time.

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