I got caught peeping, but was lucky

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Hi, all ! I love this site as this provides erotic reading every night to me and with such erotic pleasures I start to voyeur around. My fancies have caught my cousins and other relatives watching me nude on them.

But the story that I am going tell is a real piece of cake as it was unexpected and everlasting later on. I am Jay. I always had a thing for middle aged ladies and would always fantasize.

The story goes as thus :

I have always liked older women and fantasized about being with them. When I was in college, I would peek in my neighbors’ windows and watch the middle aged moms get in and out of the shower. This was the ultimate thrill to see their beautiful naked bodies dripping wet as they stepped out of the shower and dried their big breasts, hairy bushes, and plump asses.

One night everything would change as I was caught in the act of being a voyeur. It was around 10:00 pm. on a weeknight and I was about to call it quits and go home when I saw her bathroom light in my colony come on. I quickly ran to get off the street and out of the street light. I ran up to Madhu’s bathroom window.

It was Madhu. She was around 5 ft. 2 in. and about 60 kgs. with short brownish hair that hung down just above her shoulders, light tan skin, 32 breasts with big round areolas, a hairy pussy, and a medium plump ass.

When I looked in the window, I saw she was wearing a nighty and she was turning on the shower. As she removed her nighty and under wears and stepped into the shower, my dick jumped up and was starting to harden. I watched as she ran soap over those big puffy nipples and I could see the water running down the crack of her beautiful, slightly plump, ass.

After a few minutes she rinsed the rest of the soap off and turned off the shower. I was glued to the window trying my best to look through the holes in the blinds to take in every aspect of her naked body as she gently towelled off. I thought I might have pressed my face too hard into the window at one point, because as I shifted my face along the glass to watch her walk towards the mirror,

an audible squeak could be heard against the glass. I noticed she stopped for a moment and then continued drying herself off while never turning her head from the mirror. After a few seconds the light went out and I quickly jumped down into the bushes below the window. I thought surely she must be done and about to go to bed.

Then, as I was about to leave the window and run off down the street I saw the light come back on. I jumped up and looked in the window. I could not see her and was thinking to myself she must be about to come back in when I heard her voice from the outside corner of the house, “So did you get a good show?”

I gasped and immediately froze. It was Madhu in her white robe and house slippers and she had snuck up on me. “I, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said. “You don’t know what I mean, haan ?” She said. “Well I’m sure the police would know what I was talking about and all I have to do is place a call to them.”

She was holding a cell phone that she had pulled out of her pocket. “Please. No, don’t do that.” I said. “Well you’d better follow me inside then,” Madhu said. Once inside she led me into the living room and told me to sit down on the sofa. “So, how long were you standing there before I came outside?” She asked. “I was, about, only there a minute or so.

I mean I don’t know, not too long.” “I’m not playing games with you! I will call the police if you don’t tell me the truth!” She screamed at me. “Okay, Okay! I saw a light turn on in the bathroom and I ran up to the window and that’s when I saw you take your dress off and get into the shower. I couldn’t really see too much though through the blinds,” I blurted out.

“So, still playing games, haan ? Well I have a game for you!” Madhu snapped back at me. “Stand up and take off your clothes,” she said. “Please, no. I have work tomorrow I need to get up” “Shut up and do as I say or you’ll be sorry!” She commanded. I shrugged my shoulders in defeat and did as she said unbuckling the belt on my jeans and then started sliding them down. When I got them down to my ankles she told me to stop and slide my boxers down to my ankles also and to take off my shirt. So, there I stood completely naked with my pants around my ankles. She got up and came over to me and looked me up and down. I felt so embarrassed and was wishing I hadn’t looked in the window.

My cock started to shrink because I didn’t know what she was thinking. “Well I see you have a nice shaved cock. I want to see what you look like while you stroke it for me and make it stand erect. Go ahead start stroking it for me.” I instantly became hard again. If she wanted a show I was going to give her one. After all, she did give me a nice show in the shower earlier.

I grasped my penis with one hand and slowly slid my hand up and down the shaft all the way back down until I felt my hand hit my balls. I looked up and I saw her robe had slipped open and one of her breasts had slipped through and her nipple was rock hard. I had masturbated before many times and could last for almost an hour, but the sight of her breast with that big areola hanging out just a few feet in front of me was almost too much to bear. “Oh yes,” I cried out. I could feel the pre-cum oozing out of the head of my penis. “Mmmm…. looks like you are enjoying this,” she purred. She grabbed my hand and replaced it with her soft hand stroking my cock. She pumped me really slow for a couple of minutes and told me to relax. She then stopped and knelt down in front of me. She reached around me and placed both her hands on my ass pulling me into her open mouth as she guided my cock deep down her throat. Again it was almost too much to bear. “Oooooh yeah!” I shouted out. She slurped on my dick and then pulled it out of her mouth and ran her tongue over and around and then underneath licking and sucking my balls into her mouth. After a few seconds more of that she looked up at me and said, “You know what? I shouldn’t be sucking and licking you! You should be pleasing me!

Now slide your jeans and boxers off from around your ankles and sit back on the sofa!” She barked. I did as I was told and she stood up and untied her robe in the front and then let it fall to the ground. My eyes were glued to her naked body. Her heavy, sagging breasts looked so good and her nipples were standing erect. I couldn’t be sure, but I thought I saw through her mound of pubic hair that she was soaking wet because it was really shiny and glistening. She stepped onto the couch straddling over me and moved up towards the top of the couch. Her pussy was inches above my face now and I looked up and saw her hairy hole. Sure enough, it was really wet and dripping with her juices. It smelled like fresh strawberries because she used Bath soap and shampoo and some kinda lotion when she showered. She lowered herself onto my face and commanded me to, “Eat my pussy you filthy boy! You better not stop until I tell you too either!” She hissed at me. I dashed my tongue out as fast as I could and licked her pussy. I licked and sucked in as much of her juices as I could get! Lick me and suck me good!” she moaned. She started bucking her hips and it made my tongue ram deep into her swollen pussy. It also made my nose slam into her asshole. Her ass smelled so good, like strawberries also! “Uhh, uhh, yeah, yeah do it, lick me good!” She screamed.
I was in pure bliss smelling her sweet aromas and tongue fucking her cunt while her juice dribbled down onto my face. “Ohhhhh yeah! Oh shit, you’re making me feel sooooooo good! I’m about to cum all over your face!” I kept on lapping at her cunt as fast as I could, and I began to feel her hips shake and she started to moan uncontrollably as her orgasm hit her.

“Awww yeah, yeah, oh yeah!” She yelled as she banged her hips on my face. I felt her cream all over my face and it dribbled down onto my chest. She rolled over off of me and nestled down onto the couch on her back with her legs up in the air. “Alright,” she said, “you did such a good job licking and sucking me. Now it’s your turn to get off!Come stick that hard cock into my dripping wet pussy!” She didn’t have to tell me twice, I jumped on top of her and started pumping my cock in and out as fast as I could! It felt so good banging my mature neighbour, who I had fantasized about for so long as I had watched through the cracks of the window while she showered. Now my fantasies had come true and it was more overwhelming then I expected! “Yeah,” I moaned. “Oh fuck me good and cum inside me, make me cum again please!” She begged. I continued to pump her pussy good while I bent down and took one of her nipples into my mouth. “Awww feels good,” she said. I sucked and licked and occasionally bit lightly on each of her nipples while still keeping up the rhythmic fucking of her hairy cunt. She reached around and grabbed both of my ass cheeks and pulled me into her as hard as she could. Her nails dug into my ass as she cried out in ecstasy. “Oh yeah, do me! Yeah that feels so good! Uh, oh yeah! I’m cumming! Ah!”

With that I shot my load into her sloppy wet cunt too, as we were both panting and gasping for air. After a few minutes, we were able to compose ourselves again. She kissed me very passionately on the lips and told me it was getting late and she had to teach the next day. I grabbed my clothes put them on and gave her one last kiss before opening the door.

“Now remember if you want to see me naked, ring the doorbell next time!” She said. I smiled and told her, “Madhu aunty, if you happen to catch me outside your window, I guess you’ll just have to have your way with me again.” She smiled really big and shut the door behind her.

I thought to myself walking on the way home, “what a way to end by voyeuristic fantasy and I just have to reach her when she is alone to have my dreams fulfilled. Please give me your comments!

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