Bhavana me and my cousin


Hi folks how are you guys shagging girls fingering their pussy in bang-galuru. Fucking girls in Bangalore is awesome we can find many girls horny and finding for real fun should have patients to find them and have some real fun as I said even I found my cousin’s friend horny and how I fucked her in my room. Let’s get into story in middle there will Kannada version cause we are kannadiga I never thought in my life I’ll have threesome, fucking two girls is awesome can’t say how the pleasure will be it must be experienced and this not any fiction story or imagination it’s completely true story which happened a month ago.

After fucking Bhavana in night I fucked my cousin she said can we try some new threesome even Bhavana want to try with you she loves your dick very much, the way you treated her fucked her whole night you’re super hero of her life. I said no see all ok if this becomes any serious then all of us will be caught, I don’t think it’s a good plan to fuck Bhavana again. She not convinced by me my cousin was shagging my dick and convincing me, in that position I couldn’t have any option I said yes. She gave blowjob to me and went she said be ready to fuck two girls I’ll make some plan.

After some days we made a plan in home we can’t have sex with Bhavana so made to go out but now it was Christmas vacation we thought of going to Ooty and celebrate newyear there. We convinced in home (my cousin’s name Priya) Priya convinced in bhavana’s home every one is going from college please send even they agreed. I booked hotel in Ooty through make my trip we left 30th December from Bangalore in car went to Mysore from there we went to Ooty. I was cold super climate we took some drinks beer and cigarettes as three of us smoke and drink. We reached hotel we got a coupon for new year party some dj remix guys it was 2019 newyear but we were not interested in that we had some other party in our mind. We checked in room it was pretty decent hill view. We got fresh up and went out for dinner. It was very cold outside, we had dinner while returning I got some 🍄 mushroom. We three of us had mushroom Bhavana yeno yedhu ninu thinu first amale gothu aguthe yenu andhu antha hele roomge bandre eebru hudgeyaru fresh agodke hodru nanu cigrate sedtha yalrugu drink ready made table alle wait madtha edee ebru bandru adhu just bra and panty alle hagle mushroom effect start agethu ebru paka paka kuthkondu drinks thagondu nagtha edru yeno edu henge agtha edeee yen kothe namge, nange ebranu node tunne nigarethu eebru hey nodu elle agale full study antha helle nagtha edru I took two Viagra tablets I need to fuck both the girls so Priya started to remove her bra and my shorts Bhavana started to kiss me every one went on bed. Priya was sucking my dick I was kissing Bhavana and fingering her then Bhavana went sucking my dick I licking Priya’s pussy she was moaning ohhhhhhh yaaaaaa yssssssssssss all of us were in drug effect. Priya was sitting on my face Bhavana started to ride me she was fucking like hell I could not control I started to bit priya’s pussy and licked to her core. She started to cum in my mouth I drank it switched my position I started to fuck Priya in doggy style. She was sucking Bhavana’s pussy hooooo god all three of us in heaven full pleasure, I fucking her hard ummmmm haaaaaaa ummmmmm yaaaaaa baby fuck me hard she was moaning Bhavana went to loo I was fucking Priya hard hmmmm madu hange haaaaaa ummmmm haaaaa yeno nindhu power hange haaaaaa ummmmm haaaaa ennu Jorge madu hange haaaaaa ummmmm haaaaaaa ummmmmm yaaaaaa baby yes fuck me hard ya tear my pussy haaaa ummmmmmm haaaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmmmm haaaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmm yesss ummmmmmm yesss ummmmmmm haaaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmmmm I finally cummed in her pussy she fell on bed I removed my dick from her pussy and drank little wine now Bhavana came it’s my turn hero, she started to suck my dick as soon it was hard she came top of me I was sitting in chair she was pumping like crazy bitch I was hitting her boobs she was moaning like hell. Priya was watching us fingering herself. I lift Bhavana made her to lie on table started to fuck her. Full room was ac outside weather also cold but both we were sweating, I fucking her hard she was moaning like hell hoooo yaaa yessss come fucccck me hard hmmmm yaaaaaa yssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhh immmmmmmm cummmmmmmmming haaaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmm she cummed I was not ready to leave her still fucking her I took her to bed and started fucking in doggy style hmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm haaaaaaaaaa andhu antha hele hmmmmm haaaaa yeno Jorge madu hange haaaaaa ummmmm haaaaa yeno barsu nindhu agala hmmmm madu hange Jorge madu ennu Jorge madu hange haaaaaa ummmmm haaaaa ennu Jorge hmmmm yaaaaaa yssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhh immmmmmmm cummmmmmmmming yaaaaaaa yaaaaaaa I cumed in her pussy. 3 Of us were damn tired all slept naked as soon as wake up Bhavana started riding me Priya can fuck you any time I have only two-days you’re dead for days. For half an hour she fucked and we got ready had breakfast.

2 Days I fucked them like hell then we checked out returned to Bangalore while coming from Bidadi Bhavana started to suck my dick I cummed she drank all said it was nice trip I won’t forget in my entire life. I dropped her and we went home.

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