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Diana’s Life Begins at 45


This story is in part based on a real-life experience. Names and locations have been changed, however I have tried to retain as much of what occurred and with other areas of what I wanted to happen. You decide which is real and which is fantasy.

This story contains graphic writing and scenes of pain, humiliation and control. If you are offended by this, please do not read.

Diana is 46 years old, married to Richard (Her second husband) Diana works/worked as a volunteer for a local Charity.

Richard is 55 years old and Diana’s husband (Married twice before meeting Diana) Richard is a Manager at a local Supermarket.

Simon is 16 years old (Present day age, 15 years old at the time it all started) Simon doesn’t work as his parents are quite well off and he doesn’t know what he wants to do yet!


Present Day – 10:43 am

I was on edge, no reply, nothing, no text, no phone call, no knock on the door. What had gone wrong, where was he, why hadn’t he been in touch? Everything was going through my mind as I again checked my phone for that message I might have missed.


I paced around again, looking carefully out of the window, hoping to see him, wanting to see him.


Again, I looked at my phone, no message. Had I missed something in the last message, something that put the onus on me doing something or going somewhere?

I opened the last message for Simon and read the message chain. (For clarity, S is Simon, SW is me AKA ‘Slut Whore’)

S – 10:01 – be waiting slag.

SW – 09:52 – Understood Simon

S – 09:48 – Be naked slag, have a coat ready and just wear some sandals.

SW – 09:45 – Thank you Simon, I won’t let you down and I am ready.

S – 09:33 – A busy day for your slag. I’ve got a surprise that a slut whore like you will love. You had better not let me down slag.

SW – 09:28 – Yes Simon I am so horny, and I haven’t played with myself today.

S – 09:15 – Slag your wanker of a husband has gone, I hope that you have been a good girl for me and not let him touch you? You know the punishment for playing with yourself if I find out.

SW – 09:01 – Hello Simon are you at home?

SW – 08:57 – Hello Simon are you at home?

SW – 08:46 – Hello Simon, I would love to see you today. I had such a wonderful dream about us last night, well this morning as well.

SW – 08:32 – Good morning Lover, how are you today. I see your Dad has left for work, is your Mum still at home?

SW – 08:14 – ‘Selfie picture message from me naked in the bathroom playing with my tits’

SW – 08:10 – ‘Selfie picture message from me in the bathroom sat on the toilet having a pee’

SW – 08:07 – ‘Selfie picture message of me in the bathroom naked playing with my cunt’

SW – 08:03 – ‘Selfie picture message of me stood in my bedroom naked’

S – 07:30 – send me picture slag, get me hard.

I was startled as my phone buzzed a new message, I quickly opened the message;

S – 10:46 – outside now.

I hurriedly grabbed my coat, put it on and picked up my handbag and went out the back door. I rushed up the garden and got to the gate and opened it to be faced by Simon.

“Did I tell you to wear a coat slag” he shouted.

I stood there shocked, “Please Simon don’t shout someone might hear you” I replied meekly.

“Come here slag” he said forcibly as I walked to him. He grabbed my handbag and through it back inside my garden “Won’t need that today slag” as he pulled me to him. I thought we were going to kiss, and I prepared myself to meet his lips.

Instead he ripped open my coat, buttons flying off and ripped the coat down off my body.

I stood there naked, trembling and fearful.

Simon leaned closer to me, grabbed both my tits and squeezed them as he said “No fucking coat over this body slag, slags don’t cover their body do they slag”

I stammered, “Noo Simon slags don’t cover their bodies” welling up as I said it.

Simon let go of my tits and said “Pick up your coat slag and follow me” as he headed off up the path.

Authors note, my house backs onto a wooded area with no other houses at the back and only one house to the side of me, Simon’s house.

I walked as fast as I could trying to catch up with Simon, conscious I was naked. This was a new level for me, yes, I had been naked before but always somewhere safe, never outside.

We walked and walked for around 20 minutes, how we never came across anyone amazed me.

“Simon, please can I at least put my coat on” I said as I walked behind him.

“Simon, please someone might see me, please Simon” I said again now getting out of breath.

“Pleeease Simon, please let me put my coat on” I said just as Simon stopped, turned around quite suddenly and shouted “Slags don’t fucking cover their slutty whore bodies do they” looking me in the eyes.

I was frightened, Simon had never been like this with me or even to me. I couldn’t talk as I stood there shaking.

“Slags like to show their slutty whore bodies off to anyone don’t they slag£ Simon said really staring me down.

Again, I stood there unable to talk, tears formed in my eyes.

“Fucking answer me slag or we are finished” he screamed into my face as the tears began to run down my face now.

“I’m soorrry Simon” I blurted out” I doon’tt feel safe like this, please can we go back home I’ll do anything for you Simon, please” I cried out.

Simon slapped me on my face, my left cheek burning as I fell to me knees crying hysterically. He pulled me up by my hair and as I looked up to him, he screamed out “We’re fucking done you slag, fucking done you hear as he let go of my hair” and walked off picking up my coat as he did.

I knelt there crying, naked and watching the young man walk off leaving me here like this, alone.

“SIMON” I screamed out “SIMON” “Please don’t leave me here like this, plllleeeaaase” I cried out.

I cried and I cried, what was I going to do? Where was I? whilst I had walked these woods several times by myself, with my husband and with Simon I was always sure to know where I was. Now I had no idea.

What I decided to do was to try to retrace my steps, try to find some marker I would identify with. As I walked, I tried to cover myself with my hands, my right arm across my chest, my left hand covering my pubic area.

As I walked, I cried, I cried in shame, I cried for Simon, I cried that my husband Richard would find out, I cried that I would come across someone who would rape me or worse!

Something startled me behind me, and I stopped, frozen still as I heard someone walking behind me, the noise grew louder. I stood frozen waiting for the attack.

“Slag turn around” it was the voice of Simon.

At that moment I was so glad it was Simon I turned and ran to him hugging him as if he was my saviour.

“Oh Simon, I’m sorry baby, I’m sorry Simon” I cried into his shoulder.

Simon pushed me away, looked into my eyes and said, “Have you learnt your lesson slag?”

“Bbut Simon, why are you doing this to me” I asked “I’ve never turned you away, you have done whatever you wanted with me, to me, and I have let you do it willingly but this, itt’s, it’s not you Simon” I stammered.

“Slag, do you want me, do you want my cock? Do you trust me my slut whore?” Simon said holding my hands.

“Yes of course I trust you Simon, you know that baby, it’s just this, like this it’s well we’ve never done this, I’m scared” I said.

“Trust me Diana” he said using my name, at that moment something came over me, trust in Simon, comfort, I again felt drawn to this young man and I again felt that stirring in my loins and I knew I felt safe.

“I do trust you Simon, I do” I said feeling better than I had in the last hour.

Simon leant into me and we kissed, we kissed an amazing, slow, sensual kiss, the type of kiss that makes you weak, makes you warm and makes you happy.

He grabbed my right hand and said “come slag” as we walked off again.

I felt safe as we walked as my hand in Simon’s hand was arm, it was secure and I had trust in this amazing young man, my lover.

We walked for some 20 minutes I think until Simon stopped and turned to me and said, “Wait here slag” and he walked off.

Again, I felt venerable, I felt alone, and I felt scared. What was going to happen?

Simon came back around 10 minutes later, and I waited with trepidation on what would happen. Simon said, “Your surprise awaits you slag, please don’t mess this up for me, will you?”

“Simon, please what do you want me to do?” I asked. “I’m your baby, what do you want me to do?”

“Come” he said grabbing my hand as we walked on. There was a smell of smoke, a dog barked, and I saw an old hut as we walked over a small mound. “Where are we Simon?” I asked as we walked up to this hut.

Simon turned to me and said “This is your surprise slag” as he shouted out “Tommy, we’re hear mate”

My heart skipped a beat, there was someone else! I was naked and there was someone else who would see me.

I backed away behind Simon as the door to the hut opened and out walked an old man, a scruffy old man.

“Simon, please no don’t do this please Simon” I said burying my head into Simon’s back.

I heard a voice “So young un, this is her is it, this is the dirty bitch you’ve been fucking behind her husband’s back then”

“Yea mate” I heard Simon say to him.

“Well then let m see her young un” he said “Come on misses don’t be shy now” he said aiming it at me as Simon pulled me from behind him and pushed me to the side. I stood there trying to cover myself as this dirty man walked up to me.

He looked me in the eyes and smiled, then looking down over my body as he walked around me. He came to stand back in front of me, grinned and said “She’ll do young un, she’ll do just fine”

I froze as there was rumours of a tramp living in the woods, was this him? How did Simon know this tramp? What had they planned? I thought as the tramp came up to me and tried to kiss me. I pulled away, his breath smelt horrible, he smelt horrible. I nearly gagged as I said “Plllease Simon, no don’t do this”

Simon stood in front of me, looked me coldly in the eyes and said “Today you will serve Eric, you will do with Eric what you do with me, you will treat Eric as you treat me” I felt fear and was about to talk again when Simon leant in closer and said “I expect you to do as told and serve him as you would me. The consequences are too much to think if I find out you have not done as I expected”

Simon walked away to the tramp and they had a brief conversion before Simon came back to me grinning.

“I’m leaving you with Eric slag, I’ll be back around four o’clock to pick you up. Serve him well slag and I will treat you good” as he walked off leaving me there.

I turned watching Simon leave and began to cry again.

I jumped as I felt an hand on my bum and another hand on my shoulder as the tramp said “You dirty fucking slut, you had better be kind to me” as he pulled me around.

“Noooo I can’t” I screamed trying to get away from him as I tried to run. I fell over and very quickly the tramp was on me pulling me by my hair dragging me back towards the hut. As we got to the hut, he kicked the door open and pushed me in. the place was a mess and I felt sick.

I stood there frozen not even feeling the tramp putting something on my right ankle until I felt the cold steel of a chain. I looked down and there I was shackled to a chain. I began to cry as the tramp stood in front of me laughing.

“Oh, you’ll be crying alright you dirty bitch, you’ll be crying if you don’t do as I want once I done with you. Co-operate and the chain can come off, don’t co-operate then I’ll just leave it on.

“Bbut what about Simon, when he comes for me later” I blurted out “he won’t let you do this to me, you can’t do this to me” I continued.

The tramp just stood there and laughed at me as he looked me up and down with this god awful look on his face. My hands covered my tits and my cunt as I feared what would happen next.

“So, slut, young Simon tells me you’re his bitch then, is that right?” “He tells me you’ll do anything for him?” Well young Simon has given me full use of you slut, your mine for the next few hours and I’m going to enjoy this” he said as he stepped forward. H grabbed my hands and pulled them away from my body and slapped my tits hard, both one at a time and always on or around my nipples. The pain was excruciating and of course I cried and cried all the time.

SLAP, SLAP, SLAP my tits were hurting, I looked down they were bright red, “Plllleeeaaase, stop, plllleeeaaase” I cried out. “I can’t take much more, plllleeeaaase stop it”

The slapping stopped and the tramp came up to me and kissed me, I tried to pull away, but he held my head as he forced my mouth open and his tongue was inside my mouth. The smell was awful I was gagging but his mouth stayed clamped over mine. He was biting my bottom lip, pulling it away from my mouth, I thought he would pull it off, make it bleed as he slobbered over my mouth and face.

His right hand was mauling my tits as he assaulted my mouth. It was all I could do to not be sick but somehow, I stopped myself vomiting. He stopped the kissing and pulled away from me slightly whilst still gripping my left tit hard. As he looked at me, he smiled and said “Good slut, very good, maybe just maybe you will do”

He stepped back letting go of my tit and as he did so I tried to massage the pain away. My tits were hurting bad now and I was sure there would be marks or bruises. ‘God how would I explain these’ I thought to myself.

“SLUT”, the tramp shouted. “Look at me” he said.

As I looked over, he was removing is shirt and then his trousers, I watched and as he undid his trousers, he let them fall to his ankles. I closed my eye shut tight not wanting to look.

“SLUT” he shouted at me, “Look at me slut” I couldn’t, I wouldn’t look.

SLAP my face exploded as I was hit on my left cheek as I fell to the ground. I lay there sobbing as he stood over me trouser back up and said “My way or the hard way bitch, you chose” as he walked away out the door. I lay there crying for what seemed an eternity but was mere minutes as he came back in with a branch.

“So, you fucking slut, what is it to be then? Be nice to me or I will whip you all over so even your own husband will know what you are” as he said this, he swiped the branch down onto the ground near me. I felt the force as the branch and its smaller branches cracked the ground.

He walked away and sat on his bed. As he did so he put the branch on the ground and then began to remove hi trousers again. This time I looked over at him as he did it, if only to know what he was doing.

As his trousers came off, I saw his cock, it was huge, bigger than Simon’s by several inches. He saw me looking and smiled, “Like what you see slut” he said as he took hold of his cock and began to stroke it.

“Crawl over slut and see what you’re going to be getting” he laughed “Come here NOW” he said. As I tried to stand, he shouted “FUCKING CRAWL TO ME SLUT” I got onto my hands and knees and crawled over to him, slowly. As I got near, I could smell him, he smelly sweaty, smelt of body odour clearly, he had not washed. His filthy hands stroked his cock as it grew, and I crawled closer. My own hands and knees were filthy covered in the grime of the floor. The smell grew worse as each crawl I made until I was at his feet. I tried to look down, but he grabbed my hair and pulled my head, so it was looking at him.

“Young Simon tells me you suck his cock well, he reckons it’s one of your best attributes” he laughed. He guided my head, my face so that it was looking at his cock as he stroked it more and harder, the size of it huge when compared to Simon’s and massive when compared to Richard’s.

“Suck” was all he said as he pulled my head to his crotch.

I gagged as I was inches away from his cock, the smell of stale pee, stale cum and sweat all too much to take as I tried to pull away. His hand kept my head still as it pulled me closer. I was gagging as he pulled my face onto his cock. His cock end hit my right cheek and the pre-cum smeared across my face as he rubbed his cock over my face laughing.

“Suck it now slut” he said as he forced his cock into my mouth.

As his cock helmet slipped into my mouth the taste was gross, I gaged and pulled away to be sick.

“Suck it bitch or I’ll beat you raw” as he pulled my head back to him and he feed his cock into my mouth. I gagged again as it entered but somehow managed to not be sick this time. Inch my inch he pushed his cock into my mouth gripping my head as he did.

I managed to move my mouth slightly as If I was sucking his cock trying to look like I wanted it. By now there must have been 5 or 6” of his cock in my mouth and at least another 3 or 4” left. His pubic hairs were all over his cock and his crotch as he pushed more and harder. It was gross how he smelled and looked. ‘At least Simon trimmed his public hair’ I thought ‘Simon’s cock always smelt nice’ I thought as my mouth was being filled.

He was now pulling his cock out and pushing it back in my mouth, fucking my mouth and forcing more of his smelly cock inside. I just wanted to get this done so tried to carry on, tried to look as if I liked it.

By now the tramp was forcibly fucking my mouth, harder and harder and his cock end was choking me as he did it. He was going faster and faster and grunting and groaning out “You dirty fucking bitch” “You dirty fucking bitch” over and over as he fucked my face.

“Aaargh” he grunted as he came in my mouth, spurting his cum inside me and gripping my head harder so I couldn’t pull away. His cum tasted awful he smelt awful, he was filling me with his dirty cum as I gagged on this man’s filthy cum. Gradually, he slowed down as his cum spurts slowed down to nothing.

He slumped back on the bed and let go of my head as he did.

“Don’t you dare spit it out bitch” he said “If you do, I’ll make you lick it up off the floor if you do” I looked to the floor and swallowed, the floor was covered in god knows what. I made my choice. I gagged, I retched but I managed to swallow it all.

I knelt there numb, not knowing what to do but hoping this was it. Hoping that he would let me go, set me free or that Simon would arrive early to pick me up. But no, minutes passed, and he began to stir, he looked at me and said “God bitch I needed that” your one hell of a cock sucker for sure slut” he laughed.

“I need a piss” he said as he got up and walked over to the corner. “Come slut” he beckoned me over. I crawled to him, expecting him to want me to crawl. As I got to him, I saw a rusty tin on the floor, and I looked up at him. He smiled and took hold of his cock and began to pee into the tin. His pee splashed out of the tin onto my legs and the smell was awful.

“Do you want a piss” he said looking down on me. I shook my head and mumbled no. there was no way I was going to pee into that and certainly not with him watching me do it.

“Fine, suit yourself slut” as he walked off stopping shortly and turning around, he said “You either piss in that or not at all” he laughed.

I did need a pee, but could I hold on? The thought of peeing in that tin with him watching was gross, I couldn’t do it, no way. I would just have to hold myself.

“Back here slut” he said walking off.

I crawled after him as he sat back on the bed. “Up here with me bitch” he beckoned to me, patting the bed beside him as he did.

I reluctantly stood up and sat at the side of him. I tried to cover my cunt and tits, but he just barked out “NO”, so I sat there arms at my side wondering what next?

The tramp reached over and picked up a bottle, he drank from it and passed it to me. I looked at the bottle not knowing what was inside, he pushed it to my mouth and the smell of it was awful. I gagged and shook my head and mumbled “no thank you”

I sat there my heavy tits swinging slightly as I rocked back and forth trying to comfort myself. Tear ran down my face, I waited, wondering and hoping that he would let me go.

The need to pee kept growing, I sat with my legs tight together gripping myself in the hope it would subside.

The tramp must have known as he leant over and pulled my legs apart and began to rub his fingers around my crotch and my thighs. This was agony as each time he did this he opened my legs further. Each movement made me want to pee, I was in pain trying hold myself but knowing I couldn’t.

“Please, I need to pee” I said he kept going, the same running his fingers over my cunt, running them up and down my cunt lips, the feeling of arousal growing but the sensation to want to pee growing more.

“Please Sir, I need to pee, please” I begged him.

He ignored me and forced a finger into my cunt and pushed me back onto the bed. He now leant over me, grinning as he roughly fingered my cunt, he knew what he was doing, and he knew this would be painful for me that I needed to pee.

I looked up at him and said “Please sir I must pee, or I will pee myself” he just fingered me more and harder. I was panting, I was shaking, and I was trying to not think about peeing. More and harder he fingered me and more and harder I wanted to pee. “Please I’m going to pee, please let me go so I can pee” I screamed out.

He laughed down at me and pushed another two fingers into me, and his thumb locked onto my clitoris as he went harder.

“Plleeeaaasee I shrieked” out as my pee began to flow from me. It flooded out over his fingers, over the bed mattress and over my legs, the flow didn’t stop as stream and stream, spurt after spurt shot out. He fingered my harder, he rubbed my clitoris harder and I wanted to cum, at that moment I wanted to cum so bad I wanted it more than anything.

“Yes, please, yes pleaese, yes please” I said over and over “Make me cum, make me cum” he reached to my left tit and my bruised nipple and pulled on it as he fingered and rubbed me harder. I came, I came so hard I swore I peed again. I shook, I trembled but he kept on fingering and rubbing my cunt and clitoris. “Yeeeeees” I called out as I crashed back onto the bed, all the time him fingering my cunt and rubbing my clitoris.

I felt another orgasm building, no, I never came twice, it wasn’t me but yes, fucking yes, I was cumming again.

“Ooooooh my god, yeees fucking yeees” I cried out pushing myself back into the smelly dirty mattress, not caring, not bothering anymore now. Still he kept on, and still I shook. Was it the pain or was it pleasure, I didn’t know, I didn’t care as again I felt it, oh my god another orgasm? He was pulling my left nipple the pain more than I could take but I didn’t want him to stop it, he was fingering my cunt, faster and faster. He looked at me and just said “Cum you fucking bitch” and I did, I came right there and then on his command.

“Pleeease no more” I said as I closed my eyes.

I don’t know how long I was out, but I awoke to the tramp pushing the bottle in my mouth as the liquid entered, I gagged. God what was it as he forced a mouthful inside me. I wanted to be sick, but he kept his hand over my mouth until I swallowed the foul liquid.” It will do you good slut” he said.

“Whhat time is it please” I asked looking at him.

“Oh, don’t you worry my slut, there still plenty of time left yet for us” he laughed.

“Up” he said beckoning me up. I stood, my legs like jelly, I stumbled into him for support.

“Please let me go, you’ve had your fun” I said

“Fun, I’ve only just started you slut” he said gripping his cock. He reached for my right hand and put it on his cock, his growing cock and told me to wank him.

His cock felt bigger than before as my hand slide down the length, his breathing getting harder as I wanked his cock.

“mmmm, yes bitch, do it” he mumbled, “Yes do it bitch, get it hard for your cunt” he said. I wanked him harder and faster hoping to make him cum again so he wouldn’t want to fuck me.

Suddenly, he stopped me wanking him and pointed to the bed and said “Over there slut, kneel on the bed now”

God he was going to fuck me, I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t let him, I couldn’t let him do this.

As I got to the bed, I stopped and looked back, he stood there his eyes full of lust and he grinned and said “kneel bitch” as he walked to me.

I knelt on the edge of the bed as I felt him behind me opening my legs. I felt his finger brush over my cunt and, oh my god I was wet, I was soaking wet as his finger slid into me! ‘Why, how’, I thought as he began fingering my cunt from behind.

‘I couldn’t want it, could I?’ ‘no way, no way was my cunt wet for him I thought’

I felt his cock push against my cunt hole, and he lent into me and whispered in my ear “Enjoy it slut” as he pushed straight into me. The force pushed me forward, I put both my arms out to steady myself as he pushed in right to his hilt and stopped. I have never been as full inside me in my life, the pain immense but strangely I felt more turned on than I had been.

He began his assault on my cunt with force, each push into me sent me forward and I pushed back to meet him. No longer was I afraid I was now his woman, his slut, his whore, his bitch to use. To fuck, to treat me like shit if he wanted to. We fucked as simple as that, he fucked me, but I fucked him back.

He reached around putting his weight on me as he pulled on both my tits, my nipples were pinched and pulled as we fucked. Our breathing harder and harder as we fucked each other in unison.

“Fuck me please” I said turning my head to him. “Yes bitch” he said as he pushed into me harder pulling on my tits as he did.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes” was all I could say “Dirty fucking bitch, dirty fucking bitch” he was saying as we fucked like animals.

He grunted into me as he came, emptying his cum into me for the second time today, this time into my cunt. As he came, I came screaming out “Fuuuuck yees”

We stayed joined together for ages, neither wanting to move as he played with my tits this time in a softer way.

He leant down and bit me on the shoulder sucking, biting me and I knew I would be marked when he was done.

He pulled away from me and knelt and removed the chain. The chain I had forgotten about the chain. All this time I was still chained up like a dog.

As he stood up, we embraced, and he kissed me again. This time I didn’t gag, I wanted him, bad breath or not. His hands were all over me as we behaved like lovers.

He pulled away, looked at me and just said “You are my bitch now, you belong to me” I looked back at him and nodded my acceptance and said “Yes Sir”

We sat on the bed holding hands, it was unreal, we were just like lovers.

He turned to me and told me to call him Eric. “Yes Eric” I replied.

He told me to come to him tomorrow at 12 o’clock and told me what I had to bring with me when I did. He said it would give me time to buy the things he wanted.

He handed me a scrap of paper and a pencil and told me to write,

  1. Mobile phones x 2 (this was so that I could always charge a mobile for him whilst he had another mobile)

  2. Some change of clothes (we didn’t know his sizes, but I said I would bring him some of my husbands’ old clothes until we could get his sizes)

  3. Toilet paper (for us both)

  4. Towels (several)

  5. Water (Bottled water)

  6. A bottle of whisky (any brand)

We kissed and I told him to, lie down as I sucked his cock again. This time I wanted to, I needed to, and I wanted his cum before I went home. He held out but eventually I got him to cum and I drank his cum eagerly this time.

Just then we heard Simon’s voice shout out if it was ok to come in.

Eric shouted back to give us 5 minutes.

As we got up, Eric pulled me to him and said that to remember I was his slut now, but I could fuck Simon but only if I was to tell him everything. We kissed again and walked outside.

Simon stood there shocked as he looked me up and down. I looked at him and said “What” he looked me over again and just said “You’re a mess Diana, your filthy”

I looked at Eric and back at Simon and laughed as we walked away. I did look back once at Eric and he waved whilst holding his cock, gesturing that he wanted me.

God, I wanted him too as I walked back with Simon. Simon offered my back my coat, but I chose instead to walk back home naked, after all I was a slut, or is that a slag? As we walked Simon asked me what had happened, I told him that I would tell him one day.

As we got to my house, Simon handed me my coat and said “Your face Diana, its marked” he looked concerned as I said “Don’t worry baby, it will be ok.

I pulled Simon to me and told him to fuck me now.

He was hard and I turned around and bent into the gate as he pushed his hard cock into my dirty cunt.

Eric’s cum was partly there, what hadn’t run out as I walked though, and this made it all the better knowing that Simon and his smaller cock was fucking Eric’s cunt.

He came within minutes, me not coming, god I had cum more today than I had in my life.

As we parted Simon kissed me and said could he see me tomorrow, I shook my head and told him no as I wanted to recover. I blamed himself for today, but I kissed his cheek and said no it wasn’t his fault.

We parted, I walked through the gate, picked up my handbag that was still on the ground and let myself in the house.

I stood inside the kitchen and surveyed what I had, what I may have to give up if I was caught.

‘now you dirty bitch, time to clean yourself up’ I said to myself walking way.

Of course, I couldn’t resit the urge to feel my cunt as I walked upstairs, Eric’s and Simon’s cum mixing inside this dirty bitch.

As I lay in the bath soaking, I knew my life would change again. It had changed once when Simon took me, but now my life was changing far more than a simple fumble or fuck with Simon!

I feigned illness with Richard later, so we slept in separate rooms, I managed to put a face mask on for when he came home to hide the mark on my face, poor Richard, poor you as I lay in bed thinking about tomorrow with Eric.

To be continued..

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